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Use our financial experts • M ake $1,000 a week ! Free consultation! DonÕt • N o sellin g ! • We se t you up! We can help • FREE repo rt! • Work a t home! Reference • Positi o ns now available! Code:55989-B Call 1-800-943-7203 • www .easyprofits123.com America’s #1 Income Business! SOAR…CONT. Healthy & Wealthy? Help create additional income by mailing FREE Post Cards. For Business Kit: send $3.00 with Name & Address to: “We make it easier for a new person to get into profit; our commissions are among the highest in the industry, and our personal development product line gives you the tools to get success in all areas of your life.” We’ve taken a unique approach to personal development and spent 7 figures developing our product line, including the Discovery Series, which covers 8 topics with 56 days of exercises. It has an online environment with a password protected private journaling area, teachings from 14 world-renowned experts in personal development, including best-selling authors, Janet Atwood, The Passion Test , and Michael Losier, The Law of Attraction , and practical tasks for you to apply what you are learning on a daily basis. We are so confident you will experience transformation that we offer a money-back guarantee. Not many companies stand behind their products like we do. HBC: Why do you believe that anybody can be successful in LifePath Unlimited? Dave: Because we’ve put all of the pieces together for something truly remarkable. We made the number-one key to success and happiness— personal development—our product. And we focus on people; our community is deep and strong, and they will give you a hand up because they really want to make a difference. Joe: The other piece we’ve created is the world’s very best business vehicle with turn-key systems the average person just plugs into. LifePath has truly innovative marketing programs where all the tools you need for running a successful business are already developed, eliminating all guesswork. HBC: LifePath Unlimited has a long-standing reputation for being a company with a heart. How have you made this an opportunity that people feel proud to represent? Joe: We’ve created the Legacy program to give back each and every day with the goal of making the world a better place. Every single time LifePath associates sell a product, they can pick any charity from a list on our Legacy website and LifePath will make a donation in the associate’s name. At the conclusion of our live events, members of our LifePath community can choose to make a donation to the city where the event has taken place. We’ve purchased bikes for children in Mexico, teddy bears for abused children in Puerto Rico; in Fiji, a school system now has basic supplies, and we even built a village in South Africa. We are leaving our footprint in the sand. HBC: It’s widely known that Robin Firestone, The Home Business DIVA, has had massive success in the home business arena. How have your associates benefited from her decision to build a business with LifePath? Joe: I met Robin and Jack Firestone over eight years ago at the beginning of their journey in direct sales/ network marketing. I was certain they would make a difference in this industry, and I watched them blossom into top-level producers. Robin believes in people and their potential; at LifePath, she hosts invaluable training calls that any of our associates can participate in, she masterminds daily with her team and mentors them on achieving their goals. Dave: Robin is passionate about what she does; she is all about integrity and practices what she preaches. There is a great alignment with who she is and who we are as a company, and she is an integral part of the success we have here. HBC: How can our readers get involved with LifePath Unlimited? Dave: We invite your readers to join our community at no cost—test it out, experience what we’re all about and get started identifying your strengths, passions and discovering your purpose. If you’re interested in making $1,000, $5,000 and $9,000 profits, you can get started for as low as $97 and get all the tools and training you’ll need for your business. Joe: I can talk all day about people here who are making $90,000 in a month, $1 million in a year, but I know that people are skeptical about whether that’s possible. It is at LifePath. We are about truth and we believe in our people. We’re here for the long haul; we have products and a community of individuals from all over the world who truly care. n Dr. R.H Pritchard c/o #558952 P.O Box 340040 Columbus, OH 43234 $1,000 A Week Income! No Selling! ZERO Risk! WeÕll help you start! Call 1-800-943-7203 • www.easypro fi ts123.com FREE Work-at-Home Report! Reference Code: 56114-A Thousands Already Do This! You can change your financial future forever at LifePath Unlimited. Are you ready to succeed with The Home Business Diva™ and her team of top leaders in the direct sales industry? They are looking for serious people who are ready to “take the bull by the horns” and take charge of their financial future starting today. To speak with a member of this powerful team, visit www.WealthWithTheDiva.com or call 1.866-932-9827. 16 HOME BUSINESS CONNECTION www.HBCMagazine.com

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