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1.800.5000.FIS • 315.736.2206 • F: 315.736.2285 | TOOLS & CONSUMABLES FIBER POLISHING TOOLS ULTRA PRECISION POLISHING PADS Ultra Pads are color coded for easy recognition by the machine operators. 4” & 5” discs are .079” thick DESCRIPTION and 6”x6” squares are 0.250” thick. PART # F1-70D4 F1-90D4 F1-70D5 F1-90D5 F1-70DX6 F1-90DX6 4” Circular Rubber Pad 70 Durometer (purple) 4” Circular Rubber Pad 90 Durometer (black) 5” Circular Rubber Pad 70 Durometer (purple) 5” Circular Rubber Pad 90 Durometer (black) 6” x 6” Square Rubber Pad 70 Durometer (purple) 6” x 6” Square Rubber Pad 90 Durometer (black) PRICE $17.00 17.00 17.00 17.00 16.50 16.50 HAND POLISHING DISCS The metal fiber optic polishing discs are especially durable and are machined to close tolerances. They are designed to hold your fiber optic endface at exactly the correct angle to the polishing film during the polishing process. The plastic fiber optic polishing disks are also very useful. The ST Plastic Polish Disc is so affordable that you can purchase several of them to keep handy in your toolbox, truck or in the shop. PART # F1-6925UN F1-6925ST F1-6977ST F1-6928SC F1-6928APC F1-6925FC F1-6925FCAPC F1-6930UN 900-118-1305 F1-6900APC F1-6925SMA F1-6926 F1-6927 DESCRIPTION ST/SC/FC Universal 2.5mm Polish Disc ST Polish Disc (G) ST 4 Position Polish Disc (I) SC Polish Disc (C) SC/APC Polish Disc FC/PC Polish Disc (D) FC/APC Polish Disc (H) MU/LC Polish Disc (F) LC Plastic Polish Disc (A) LC/APC Polish Disc SMA Polish Disc D4 Polish Disc Biconic Polish Disc (may not work w/all brands) MFG FIS FIS FIS FIS FIS FIS FIS FIS Stratos FIS FIS FIS FIS PRICE $45.00 39.95 125.00 39.95 75.00 39.95 75.00 45.00 55.00 75.00 39.95 39.95 85.00 (A) (H) DID YOU KNOW The most effective way to achieve a quality hand polish is to move the con- nector and polish disk in a figure eight pattern with even pressure. (G) (I) (F) POLISH PLATES, PADS & MATS The polishing of fiber optic connectors calls for both a hard flat surface and a cushioned pad. The 9” x 13” or 6” x 9” polish plate is available in safety glass and mounted on four rubber feet for support. When polishing PC style pre-radius connectors, use the soft polish pad on the glass plate. Placing the lapping film over the pad assures the removal of epoxy and proper polish of fiber without destroying the pre-radius of the ferrule. PART # F1-9111 F1-9111A PP-575 F1-0024 PPG-575 DESCRIPTION FIS Polish Glass Plate (9” x 13”) (A) FIS Polish Glass Plate (6” x 9”) (B) 5.75” Square Polishing Pad 1/16” Thick 70 Durometer (C) Large Black Work Mat (22” x 14”) (D) 5.75” Square Polishing Pad w/1/4” Acrylic Plate (not pictured) PRICE $16.95 12.95 5.35 5.25 15.00 (A) (C) (E) (D) (C) (B) (D) PROTON™ FIELD POLISHER Proton™ is designed for field polishing environments in which cable and connector access is limited. Rather than bringing a cable to the polisher, Proton™ can be located in close proximity of the connector to be processed. Proton™ features true, hand-held operation in a rugged and battery operated package. Applications include FTTx, CATV and avionic/harsh environments. PART # PRTX DESCRIPTION Base Unit with AC Adapter and 9V Battery PRT-W10 PRT-W80 PRT-W30 PRT-W40 PRT-W95 PRT-W62 TC-1 2.5mm UPC Polishing Fixture (SC/FC/ST/Ferrule) w/ Starter Film Kit 1.25MM UPC Polishing Fixture (LC/MU/Ferrule) w/ Starter Film Kit FC/APC Polishing Fixture (8 Degree) w/ Starter Film Kit SC/APC Polishing Fixture (8 Degree) w/ Starter Film Kit SMA Polishing Fixture w/ Starter Film Kit M29504 Mil-Spec Termini Polishing Fixture w/ Starter Film Kit Ruggedized and Waterproof Storage/Transit Case PRICE $2,500.00 1,725.00 1,900.00 1,900.00 1,900.00 1,900.00 2,150.00 395.00 115

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