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Proper Protection By Steve Leister Jacco & Associates A look at the benefits of a well-maintained building automation system I n an era in which technological advances are introduced faster and more frequently than ever, it seems that one of the most underused and under-maintained is the Building Automation System. These computerized systems, utilizing an intelligent network of electronic devices, are designed to monitor and control mechanical, lighting and electric systems within a building. More and more buildings are being built with these automation systems in place, while plenty of existing facilities are being upgraded with them. Yet, all too often, these systems are not used to their potential. Working in the HVAC industry for almost 20 years, I have seen automation systems that are installed, forgotten about and not utilized. This is unfortu-nate, as the money paid to install them is not much compared to what a facility could save if these systems are properly used and maintained. I have talked with many customers regarding their building automation sys-tems. One of the hardest points to convey is the importance of maintaining such a AUTOMATION UPKEEP Building auto-mation systems are powerful tools for monitoring and controlling energy usage, but periodic check-ups are vital. system. Most of the time they say things like, “it’s a computer so what could go wrong” or “it’s an automation system so it should never break.” As most people know, this is not the case. It’s like buying a new car – if you don’t perform routine maintenance, it will soon turn into a big, shiny piece of junk! With time, every system needs a tune-up. In maintaining a building auto-mation system, there are quite a few different components that need to be checked, from temperature sensors to air flow sensors to damper actuators and so on. I have found that if one compo-nent is not working correctly, then the whole system is not operating correctly. A proper maintenance program should include periodic check-ups. We recom-Expert Brick Matching Geothermal Solutions From What is your building is costing you? 0.5—300 Tons What is your building is costing you? Jacco can help reduce your operational costs, by providing an Energy and Economic Analysis for your HVAC system. The government and utility Jacco can help reduce your operational costs, by companies are offering rebates and deductions for providing an Energy and Economic Analysis for your energy efficient HVAC systems, allow us to help you HVAC system. The operation. government and utility maximize your building 9005 Woodland Ave. Cleveland, OH 44104 216-791-9800 office 216-791-5116 fax 56 companies are offering rebates and deductions for Standard, Semi -Custom energy HVAC systems, allow to & help For efficient more information contact Greg us Drensky at you ext. 126 or (330) 463-0100, maximize your building operation. Custom Designs Or visit our website at For more more information Greg Drensky at at For information contact contact Greg Drensky (330) 463-0100, ext. 126 or (330) 463 -0100, ext. 126 or Or visit Or visit our our website website at at Properties | January 2013

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