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Going Green in 2013 Now’s the time to upgrade your lighting and start reducing your facility’s energy costs By Ray Abouhassan Mars Electric N owadays, being environmentally responsible and energy efficient are positive side effects of increased comfort, control and productivity gained from implementing up-to-date electrical products and systems in the facilities in which we live and work. Quite simply: most times, as a result of implementing the new system, the reduced electrical bill can dramatically improves one’s cash flow situation! Two of the easiest places with the fastest paybacks are lighting and occupancy control. of the old lamps and other hazardous waste generated by the upgrade. Unless you’ve been under a rock or disconnected from society recently, you’ve noticed the market for efficiency products have grown dramatically over the last several years. Consumers are demanding more economically priced products that perform as well as the comparable premium items available. This trend has already made its way to the electrical product manufacturers. Several companies have made signifi-cant financial investments over the last couple years, developing value-priced items to satisfy the demand for easy-to-install, long-life products tailored to work seamlessly with existing electrical equipment and infrastructure. The cost of these newly developed products varies. Typically, the more the product offers in the form of capability/ flexibility, the higher the price. The more common the lamp/fixture retro-fit situation, the lower the price. For example, the common six-inch recessed incandescent can fixture has numerous LED retrofit possibilities for the 65-watt BR30 shaped incandescent reflector lamp now banned from production in the U.S. under the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA2007). There are several quality products now avail-able, starting at $25 to $30, that save over 50% on energy use and last over 25 times longer than the short circuit in a vacuum, we refer to publicly as an incan-descent BR30 lamp, currently screwed into the fixture. The quality and affordability of LED lighting has improved dramatically over a very short time. To put it into perspec-tive, the same LED equivalent screw-in lamps a year ago had less light output, weighed more, typically had poor color rendering, and cost $60 a piece. I know what you are thinking – “it’s still $25 for a light bulb…” – but before you finish that thought and say “no thanks,” take a moment to forget everything about the short-term consumable light bulb you know, except for what the room looks like when they are in use. Forget about the lamps only lasting 1,000 to 3,000 hours, prompting frequent replacements. Forget about the fact that the technology the lamp is based on is over 100 years old. 3URSHUWLHV | December 2012 As more homes and businesses are forced, compelled, told or just plain smart enough to evaluate and update their antiquated, wasteful lighting systems, many turn to their electrician or lamp/ electrical parts supplier for help and guidance. There are several incentive programs available that can help with the cost of a lighting project. At Mars Electric, for instance, we offer lighting project design, support and guidance for no additional fee when we provide the electrical supplies for the project. Mars Electric’s Green Solutions Department can also help with the tax and utility incentives as well as handle the recycling *6473,;,&#03;-09,&#03;796;,*;065&#03;:,9=0*,: &#1f;&#1f;&#1f;&#14;&#1c;&#19;&#1f;&#14;&#17; &#19;&#1f; s Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarms, Fire Sprinklers, Exit/Emergency Lighting, Kitchen Fire Suppression, FM-200/Halon/ CO2 Systems s Division 10 fire extinguishers and cabinets to construction trades s Fire protection contracting services to property owners/ managers ^^^&#15;JV\U[`&#14;ÄYL&#15;JVT (2965&#03;‹&#03;*3,=,3(5+&#03;‹&#03;*63<4)<:&#03;‹&#03;;63,+6 72

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