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BUSINESS Looking at New & Innovative Cleaning Building B u i l d i n g O Owners w n e r s and a n d M Managers a n a g e r s Association A s s o c i a t i o n of o f G Greater r e a t e r C Cleveland l e v e l a n d Experience Green Results W e have come a long way in the commercial cleaning industry from the days of string mops and dust cloths. Today, property managers and building owners have a new stan-dard when it comes to cleaning. New health code regulations, safe breathing environments and building presentation are important considerations as visi-tors see your facility and tenants seek environments to increase employee productivity. That’s where the newest and most innovative cleaning processes come into play from an expert certified and trained cleaning company. Studies have shown that office cleanliness plays a vital role in pro-ductivity. Office desks contain more than 400 times the amount of germs as a bath-room toilet, germs that contribute to workers taking an average of seven sick days per year. That number can be decreased by implementing an office cleaning service program that prevents germs from spreading. By using chemical dispensing systems, microfiber technology, floor matting, mopping and disinfecting systems and HEPA/UPLPA vacuums, a high quality janitorial service provider can reduce contaminants and create healthy work environments. Today, numerous cleaning tools and equipment are designed to use energy, water and chemicals much more effi-ciently than ever before. Cleaning equipment has evolved not only as resource-responsible but also as much more sustainable. For example, new technology has made it possible for a “Studies have shown that office cleanliness plays a vital role in productivity.” machine to recycle water several times while still producing healthy, clean and green results. As facilities have now steered toward a more eco-friendly, health conscious approach, so have their cleaning standards as they seek a janitorial ser-vice provider who can offer them the latest in new and innovative cleaning techniques. A high quality janitorial service provider will work side by side with property managers and owners as they become LEED Certified while applying the latest in cleaning tech-nology advances. Another innovative “green” technology that has been utilized with overwhelming client affirmation has been the process of water ionizing. It electrically converts water into a cleaning solution that cleans effectively, saves money, improves safety and reduces environ-mental impact. These pioneer-ing processes have proven to have a pos-itive effect on both the environment and overall image of facilities. Selecting an expert trained company who is on top of the latest cleaning trends is key in making your facility look its best. BOMA Greater Cleveland is proud to provide this space to our Associate Members so they can inform, educate and share their knowledge with property management pro-fessionals. This article was written by Joe Carollo, President, Jani-King of Cleveland. Joe Carollo can be reached at (440) 546-0000 or Jani-King of Cleveland can be found on the web at Green Cleaning Services To learn more about Jani-King’s Green Clean Program simply use your Smartphone to scan the QR code on the the left. Janice Parham Executive Vice President BOMA Greater Cleveland 440.546.0000 m /cleveland © 2012 Jani-King International, Inc. | CD1112-0196 For more info on this article or BOMA Greater Cleveland, contact Janice Parham at 216.575.0305 or 23

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