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6XSSR U W L Q J  :WV[SPNO[PUN[OLWYVMLZZPVUHSZLY]PJLWYV]PKLYZ :WV[SPNO[PUN[OL ILOPUKZ\JJLZZM\SJVUZ[Y\J[PVUWYVQLJ[Z &DVW ILOPUKZ\JJLZZM Advocating Interest A look at the benefits of owner’s representative services By Robert McCoy and Ralph J. Repp Choice Repps Construction Advisers hen it comes to new construction and renovation projects alike, owners need an advocate. That’s where an Owner’s Representative can step in, effectively serving as an extension of staff and working as an advocate for the owner’s interests. W With an Owner’s Rep on their team, cli-ents have a say in just how much help they need, and the result is getting a represen-tative onboard, working on their behalf – one whose compensation is fee-based, not tied to the cost of work. The trend toward professional services compensation based on the ultimate construction value of a building program can sometimes create unnecessary tension if project costs begin to creep upward. What is an Owner’s Rep real role? A building owner taking on an expansion or renovation of their exist-ing facilities, for example, may often need expert assistance assembling all of the details. They may not have the staffing or expertise in navigating through the multitude of activities that take place during the preconstruction phase of a project. This often includes local, state and federal permitting applications and expediting. It can also include working with the design team to identify potential code issues that will need to be addressed as the construction documents are prepared and assembled. Having a contracted PROJECT PARTNERS An Owner’s Representative helps to see through construction and renovation projects as an advocate for the property owner, according to Bob McCoy and Ralph Repp, partners of Choice Repps Construction Advisors, Inc. Owner’s Representative onboard enables the project owner to benefit from an experienced professional who not only identifies the necessary pieces in putting together a project plan, but one who also has the knowledge and resources needed for working on their behalf to make sure all of the tasks are being tracked and completed. Isn’t that what the architect and CM do? Historically, traditional project execu-tion included the architect taking on the role of construction coordinator and advocate for an owner. Unfortunately, this method for project delivery is not always best from the owner’s perspec-tive. Architects and discipline engineers are typically best suited and equipped to develop a design and prepare con-struction documents. An experienced Owner’s Rep can add value by work-ing in concert with the design team to ensure that the completed documents provide sufficient information to effec-tively go out to bid with contractors and subcontractors. This is arguably a role that is often handled by introducing a Construction Manager (CM) into the 3URSHUWLHV | November 2012 Trinity 440-567-2079 P.O. Box 2078, Sheffield Lake, OH 44054 Contracting Group Gifford House (Cleveland, OH) Project Management Ƈ General Contractor Ƈ Renovations/Remodels Ƈ Building Alterations Ƈ New Construction 80

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