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BUSINESS Are You Ready for This? Building B u i l d i n g O Owners w n e r s and a n d M Managers a n a g e r s A s s o c i a t i o n Association of o f G Greater r e a t e r C Cleveland l e v e l a n d these types of training for granted or give the impression that they did not care about the security of their premise. Most fter more than 30 years in the field of us know that legally a business has no of security working for corpora-obligation to provide security measures tions and banks, I decided to open unless there is a “foreseeability of a my own consulting company. I was soon crime” or a pattern of criminal behavior contacted to be an “Expert Witness” by that indicates there was a great possibil-attorneys representing both plaintiffs and ity of a like crime to happen. defendants on cases revolving around So if you think a crime won’t happen premise security. based on your measures of foreseeability, I quickly learned that companies will you may feel no obligation to provide settle a loss due to inadequate or shoddy security measures including policies and security measures. procedures, training Most of the time the “If you think a crime won’t and countermeasures. settlement is much Please consider that more than it would happen [on your premises] there are industry stan-cost to have a good based on your measures dards and scholarly security program with papers, books, etc. that of foreseeability, you make you stand out if good documentation. I was surprised that may feel no obligation you do nothing. most companies settle Other compa-to provide security as a result of inad-nies take a different equate, outdated or approach and make measures.... Please just plain dumb poli-security, employee consider that there are awareness and train-cies and procedures they sometimes don’t industry standards and ing an important part even know they have! of their business. And scholarly papers, that then experts like me When the docu-ments are sent to the make you stand out if you will “opine” for you plaintiff’s attorney in as to why you meet do nothing.” the discovery process those standards or why (they know what to others deserves to pay ask for), it becomes woefully evident for not meeting the “generally accepted that security was not a priority at this practices of the industry.” business and an avenue to pursue by the attorney. It also becomes quickly evi-BOMA Greater Cleveland is proud to dent that training records are missing or provide this space to our Associate Members that training was never done. You need so they can inform, educate and share their records, sign-in sheets and the name of knowledge with property management pro-the instructor/subject to prove you con-fessionals. This article was written by Tom ducted the training. Lekan, Senior Vice President, The Atlantis Training – especially simple courses on Company. He can be reached at 440-223-awareness of suspicious activity, work-5730 or place violence prevention, workplace safety and job specific security – seems only to be in place in a few, mostly larger companies. Many companies, Janice Parham both large and small, that I have been Executive Vice President an expert for or against seem to take BOMA Greater Cleveland A Please join us! Annual December Symposium &#1b;'&0'5&#;X'%TIXFNEF LUNNgEUNN Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District Environmental & Maintenance Services Center HKHK #56HM 7;#*1)#&#0c;65TX
&#0c;HHEFI Session One: Fundamentals of Construction Contracts Presented by Peter J. Comodeca, Esq., Partner, Calfee Session Two: Managing Risk in the Construction Industry Presented by Kyp L. Ross, President, Dawson Insurance Inc. 106#%6 #6FEJgGJEg GENN614')+56'414(14 52105145*+2&'6#+.5T  0)+0''45 #407261 H&#0c;1745^ -!'!:).%).#&#0e; For more info on this article or BOMA Greater Cleveland, contact Janice Parham at 216.575.0305 or +5#2417&/'&+#5210514 1(6*'.'8'.#0& 0)+0''4+0)1%+'6; 13

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